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Go Lehigh TU Owl
Go Lehigh TU Owl

It would be nice if Lehigh came out and out put together a complete 60 minutes on both sides of the ball. Colgate’s next week (terrible scheduling imo, should be week 9 every year) so the time is now to step up. Yale’s offense has been terrible to start the year. The defense can’t allow them to go up and down the field. Lehigh should be able to hold them to under 21 points imo.

Yale has really been a thorn in Lehigh’s side the last two years. Lehigh played its worse game of 2015 by far against Yale at home. They were terrible in all 3 phases in that game. Shafnisky couldn’t hit an open receiver to save his life and the defense gave up 200+ yards to a 3rd string RB.

I’d love to see a 45-17 type win! Hopefully the weather cooperates!