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[quote quote=28480]Man, the O was fun to watch. Did almost anything they wanted, at any time.
That being said – if I understood the broadcasters, Yale had been averaging 50-something yards per game rushing. They never, ever threatened to be dangerous downfield. And we still had a pretty rough time with their running game.


We haven’t been able to handle a team with a running game for 3 years now. Yale ran all over us last year, too. I didn’t see it, but their 70 yard run makes the stats look a bit worse than it was (but only by a little). The D gave up 28 points. If not for that run, not a terrible showing. Still, we’re too easy to run on. Remember Monmouth and Nova? Penn and Princeton both more pass-oriented.

That commentary aside, it was a 28 point win – against Yale. I’ll take it.

I’m sure Nick would have put up big numbers today, too, but our O has a more explosive look with Brad.