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Although I have not not been an advocate of our defense for several years, so far this year I have seen a significant improvement over last year. They continue to give up a couple of big plays/game and that needs to be addressed but consider this.
Excluding FBS opponents
Monmouth scored
34 vs Delaware St
7 vs #11 Charleston Southern
41 vs Fordham

Villanova scored
40 vs Towson
42 vs Elon
31 vs Lafayette

Penn scored
17 vs Fordham
37 vs Dartmouth

Princeton scored
35 vs Lafayette
48 vs Columbia

And to repeat Yale had 15 possessions against our defense. They punted 7 times, were intercepted twice, stopped on downs once and the end of the game while allowing 4 scores, 2 of which were via the forementioned big plays.

Our defense is certainly not elite nor our strength but it is also not the proverbial doormat that many here make it out to be. The PL seems to score a lot of points and give up a lot of points, The PL season should be a barn burner but we are absolutely capable of beating them all.