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Since everyone seems to be interested in rankings here are a few i thought were impressive:

Our secondary and pass defense, which everyone likes to rip apart is 13th in the country. As Just a Fan pointed out it’s hard to be good at stopping the run and the pass. Everyone was complaining how our secondary stunk last year and needed to improve. Looks like it has. 17 is apart of that as are the safeties (including the freshman all of you were ripping on).

We are also 21st in FCS in interceptions….again, pretty damn good.

3rd down conversion (defense) is 40th in the country. we would certainly like this to be better but look at some of the teams behind us..including the current #1 ranked team and defending national champs.

The Special teams seemed to have an off day Saturday. Someone made the point about starters on the punt coverage. I agree. We need to take a look at that. Our kickoff defense is ranked 8th in the country so we seem to be doing well there.

We also rank 20th in penalties per game. a sign of a focused and well coached team.

Offensively we are ranked really high in almost every
category. We all know that. I provide the other stats just to give everyone some perspective.

We HAVE to get better defending the run. We do not get enough penetration and we do not set the edge. Improvement in these areas is critical if we have any chance of making a run at the PL title. All that is in our way right now is the run defense…it has to get better.