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This is going to take some getting used to. That is, having 6 of our 13 players (Transfer Lance Tejada will be sidelined until next season) stand 6’8” or above. It’ll give us the unique ability to “go big” at times, protect those up front in foul trouble, and hopefully give opposing coaches fits in game-planning for us. Hell, Xavier only has 4 that big!

It’s about this time each year that I, and I assume all other fans – casual and otherwise, dig deep into background stories surrounding our new players. I, for one, walked away impressed and wish to thank those fans and posters to the Board for the informative stories on: Cohen, Lieb, Wolf, Holba, Sedore, and Andree. What is there not to like when you couple them with a mature and oft-times award winning squad featuring: TK, AP, BA, KR, and KL? And, let’s not forget the dedicated and spirited play of senior/returnee Devon Carter and walk-on Jay Jay Davis. Coach Reed has surrounded himself with talent like never before. Now, he and his assistants must make it work. It’ll be fun to watch and I’m betting Tim, Austin and Devon out on top next April.

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