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Defense set the tone. But for a few broken plays, they were pretty stout, and shutting down Melville in the second half when the O took over was huge. Our WR duo must be the most dynamic in the country. Unbelievable. Casey is one strong guy. Second week in a row he has broken an attempted tackle after a long pass and taken it to the house. Shaf had a solid game since he still hurting. #12 did a nice job taking over for Jones, who I understand is out for the season. Will be back next year. Next man up. Also agree about Lamberts play. We missed him over the years. Curious about Mish’s trajectory issues on his PKs. The reason one was deflected, though still through the uprights, and another blocked. A few others were good, but still low. His punting was tremendous as were the KO’s. This is the best win of the season over a quality team. They may be 1-4, but they have played a very tough schedule. Team can run the table if they focus on only the game in front of them.