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Two things:

1) I like the point LUHawker made; he might be right:

“I’ll make a slightly interesting comment (feel free to agree or disagree): I actually think that Nick’s more limited mobility (or at least some restrictions on his running) against Colgate really was a blessing in disguise. I think it forced him to not think “run” right away forcing him to keep his eyes downfield.”

I love the adjustments the O made to Colgate’s three-man rush.

2) I’m not doubting Shaf. He’s a solid leader. As the originator (I think) of this thread suggested, LU has two great — yet different QBs. It’s wonderful to be able to keep the opposition in stitches each week as to who will start.

Personally, I have no problem with Shaf starting as long as he continues to play effectively (and doesn’t get hurt trying to do too much himself — along the lines of LUHawker’s comments). He has become one of the nation’s top QBs and is blessed with top receivers, a solid running game and a pretty good OL.