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This is my first time posting on this blog, however, I have been reading it for over 3 years now. I’d like to start off by saying… You are all aware that the parents and the players read these, correct? To lay insult after insult on these kids is pathetic! It is very easy to sit at your computer and play arm chair quarterback! Please feel free to let me know if there are any college football records you have broken and how many of you have won Patriot League Offensive player of the Week (which was won by our quarterbacks 3 weeks straight). This is the most wishy washy group I have ever seen. First two games, everyone is calling for Nick’s head. Making comments like “Shaf can’t throw a deep ball” and “there’s no threat down field when Shaf is in”. Then he plays a great game, wins awards and now he’s everyone’s favorite again. You’re calling for Mayes to play, he gets the chance, breaks school records, wins more awards and people make comments like “our third string center could have thrown for that many yards against Yale”, “Mayes is a statue”. Maybe Coach should have asked any of you to take the place of the injured QB, maybe you would have thrown for 700 yards since it was so easy! Then there is the talk about our defense, I can pretty much guarantee the players don’t go out on the field with the intention of missing tackles. They try and play to the best of their ability and get ripped for doing so! I’m sure you all were the Patriot League Linebackers of the year, right? Never missing a tackle in your career? When is it that any of you will be happy? You call yourselves fans… true fans support their team and their players (all of them). They don’t ridicule kids!!!