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My policy has always been to have a light hand on the moderator button. Overall my policy is to let people stand on their own comments. They also reserve the right to have me call such fans out publicly on this board, too. occasionally I find people on here ridiculous, and I say so. But I also think that their opinions should be on here too, as long as they don’t go over the line.

Most of the folks who were clamoring for Shaf to be benched pretty much just look silly now. Also, doesn’t look like any players during the whole Shaf/Mayes/We Are The Crimson Tide incident seems to be taking things the wrong way. Shaf and Mayes are tough kids. They can handle it.

Lehigh players I think know this when they come here. They know that fans care. They also know fans are a little nuts. Me included. That’s what they want, I think – they want fans to care. As long as it’s not the very worst, they’re OK with it. That’s my feelings on all this.