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Good game for all involved; solid play calling on O. Much better individual and team tackling on D, even if they were not playing an A-rated PL offense.

For a guy who supposedly can’t run, Mayes had a nice third-down scramble for first down. O is really rhythmic when it’s going well. Great to see all the backups, including Timochenko (who even held on at least last extra point), get in.

Hope Shaf and O’Hara (contact didn’t look good) recover quickly.

I watched Yale-Fordham during halftime. Fordham D is a sieve. With Edmonds and Anderson — saw really long TD pass — O is really potent; far more threatening than Colgate’s.

Watched a little Holy Cross, too. D looked better than expected, but was not impressed with O. Playing in Worcester will be another competitive test for LU next week.

As for Pelletier and Casey — great question! I’d add in Knott (who has really come into his own) and say the three are as good as any trio ever. P&C seem more explosive than Spadola and Drwal … wonder what the stats say.