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[quote quote=29135]Lehigh Guy- What has Dom Bragalone done to you to warrant such disdain? In HS, he rushes for more yards in a season than ANYONE in the last 64 years and you say the “competition was laughable”. When he wins the starting RB position, it was “by default” according to you. You called him, “the 3rd best freshman RB on the team”, when actually, he was the BEST FRESHMAN IN THE PATRIOT LEAGUE. Now as he climbs to the top of the Lehigh record books, you want to put an asterisk next to his name. Please stop.

Dom’s play speaks for itself. He has earned and will continue to earn all the accolades he has been awarded. Admit that you were wrong and stop trying to diminish his accomplishments.

[/quote]well gumbo everything I said last yr was true. Chris Leigh would be the starting back as we speak if he didnt leave, we all know that. You wouldnt have heard of Brags, he took advantage of great opportunity, good for him. Hard not to be freshman of yr. not many freshman were handed a opportunity like he got, how many played as much as he did? I haven’t diminished anything. I think I said in my last post brags was doing great. Let’s just get off of him as I see the natives are restless when someone dares question one of their heroes…😤😤😤😂😂😂😂

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