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To start off on TMH’s idea (without doing much research) — sadly, I remember that game all too well because I was there — we were expecting an LU blowout against a freshman-laden team we’d beaten year-in, year-out.

Bialkowski was a new star. Our offense was on fire.

And Bucknell’s defense — seemingly out of nowhere, at least to those of us there and who had discussed the game beforehand — knocked BB out of the game and shut down our O.

Our D was run over by a freshman and we started to see glimpses of guys like Carter and a TE/WR whose name I can’t recall. I think even a massive freshman DE scored or caught a pass against us.

Reminded me of a classic case of overconfidence, or us playing down. And BU’s physical play didn’t help. Nor did the fact we had to throw in two inexperienced QBs.

Things are different today in some ways, I’d imagine.

Perhaps AC is warning his charges about what happened in 2013.