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The number of Bucknell fans at Goodman really surprised me.

Clearly over 1000 probably 1200-1500.

Living near Harrisburg, I have probably been at 15 or more games in Lewsiburg. 2-3 times they had areal good crowd, over 5000. probably all have been Homecoming, and there last home game. But I am sure 2-4 times we actually had more fans than they (admittedly 1-2 times when we went there it was expected that a rainstorm would, and it didn’t so their fans stayed in the dorm, but we had no choice but sit out in the rain).

So I wonder what has changed at Bucknell, I haven’t been up there the last 2-3 times.

Anyway, our biggest game is Lafayette. Bucknell’s biggest game is Lehigh. Explains a lot of their upsets (1975 and 1976, and a couple of near upsets. (1979(?) when we won 14-13 despite Bison only having 2 first downs)