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So, if I’m correct the CAA gets 1 automatic bid that will go to James Madison which in all likelihood will get a bye in the 1st round (top 8)
Richmond is 8-2 (5-2 CAA) and will certainly get a bid and possibly a bye with the Chatanooga and Central Arkansas
Villanova is 7-3 (5-2) is is certainly in the playoffs (I think)
Hew Hampshire and Maine are both 6-4 (5-2) and play each other in Maine next weekend. Maine has already played Villanova. NH has not.
If Richmond does get a bye. There will be 4 NE slots available. Lehigh, Villanova, St. Francis and NH/Maine winner.
My semi-educated guess is that we play the winner of the NH/Maine game and Villanova plays St. Francis. It likely maximizes the biggest payday for the NCAA, eliminates inter-conference play altogether in the 1st round and prevents a return matchup of Lehigh/Villanova and minimizes travel expenses for all involved.
Just my opinion.