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Now this old coot is even more confused. :-)

1.)Why does the Lafayette game have any implications on whether we host a 1st round game? I was told it was all about the “region” and the “bid” and that relative ranking did not matter.
2.)Although there is definitely flexibility in the selection process, I think there is some heavy reliance on the polls. The Nov 3 list of the 10 teams highly considered for the bye almost mirrored the polls. Maine had 2 points in the last poll. They are currently 6-4. None of their wins have been by more than a TD. None have come against a top 25 team. They lost handily against both James Madison and Villanova. Albany has no votes and if NH loses to Main, they will be 6-5. Assuming Fordham beats Bucknell on Saturday, they may have as good an argument to qualify as any of those 3. Then it would likely be Villanova-Fordham and Lehigh-St. Francis. We win that bid process too :-)
Again, just speculation until we get into the meat of L-L.