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[quote quote=29342]NEVER be overconfident playing Lafayette. History shows a crappy LC team is capable of anything.

All we have to do is look at last weekend to see how a supposedly down team gave us a real run for our money. LU did not play its best game vs. Bucknell. Too many bad passes and drops (but it was windy).

Just to put it in perspective, Bucknell did beat LC 42-17.

I am curious regarding the unpredictability of the rivalry. Except for Lafayette in ’81 and ’02 and Lehigh in ’09, I don’t recall any major upsets over the past four decades. I think ’81 was by far the biggest upset considering Lehigh had been in the 1-AA playoffs in ’79 and ’80. Am I missing any? It seems like the favorites have generally done quite well.