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[quote quote=29686]Coaching /play calling is an issue. Last week for example up by 20 against Lafayette and we keep starters in and Caslow gets hurt Andy responded we had no one to take his place so we kept him in. How do you not have anyone to take his place. Wth do you do at practice. Furthermore, we were out coached tonight. Those boys played their hearts out. They knew at beginning of 4th quarter they weren’t gonna win and were embarrassed yet they still played their hearts out. Why was shaf well enough to play 4th quarter but not first? What film of UNH did coaches watch cause we damn sure didn’t game plan for a UNH team that lost by just a few to JMU in October. A sick Mayes played today. Is a sick Mayes better than a healthy timmo? ( just wondering) Sad to see such talented seniors go out like this. If the coach/es keep doing things the same way we are going to get the sane results.

Andy seemed to agree in post game. Said that sign of a good team was fixing what wadnt working and that they failed to fo that. Harvey emphasized that D failed to do the little individual things as they had done in prior games.Failure to execute. Brad noted the same for O. Greg Joyce good article on post game in paper. Dont think dtaff or team had great outings.
Stats for O are nice but lipstick on a pig tonite.