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I can’t believe some of these posts. When they win it’s because our opponents suck and when we lose it’s because we suck. Those that constantly complain and post their negativity quickly claim that it’s their right as fans to bitch and moan. You are correct you have that right but you also have a CHOICE! Because you have the right doesn’t mean you have to do it. CHOOSE to be positive and applaud these young men who train, bleed , play through pain, and work their asses off. Those players did not go out there yesterday trying to play like that. I saw the tears and the disappointment. Give these kids a break and let’s build them up and not tear them down. It was an aweful game no doubt but this team finished the regular season 18th in the country, won 9 straight, won the PL TITLE outright, crushed Laf, offense was too 10 in the country all year, defense is young and for the most part out performed and improved in almost category from last year. We lost to a better team yesterday… we were out played and out coached but these kids deserve your praise not your criticism! Make the right choice!