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[quote quote=29704]Well said hawktalker. We do seem to forget that this team was picked 4th in PL. Yestersay was a debacle. Does not diminish what team accomplished this season.
The saddest aspect was seeing CC and Nick unable to finish their careers on the field.
On to recruiting searches for me with some Bball and wrestling mixed in.:)

I agree! After the 0-2 start, even the most optimistic fan wouldn’t have expected a PL title and a 9-3 season.

That said, the discussion is now about national relevance. LU was clearly a dominant PL team that went 0-3 against the non Ivy OOC schedule. It is still not clear that scholarships have moved LU or the league towards parity with other leagues, which I thought was the expectation.

One thing is clear, the league must improve on the defensive side to be competitive nationally. LU was dismantled by a good, not great CAA team that was beaten by Dartmouth and pushed by HC. LU’s defense has to improve in 2017. Whether that’s coaching, personnel, or both, it has to be addressed by Andy or PL titles will the most that we can realistically hope for.