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LBs will need serious focus as Van points out. Colt, Rip, and Harvey all moving on with Bott not grooming anyone to step in for next year. Kaufman played in game 1 backing up Colt due to injury and never played again after press and team recognized great play. Pushed to the side behind Rip for rest of season. He has one more year of eligibility, but why come play for Bott again after this treatment? Now the juniors, Hobie has not progressed and has not travelled. Appears Coffman quit mid season based on not on roster even though played special teams since freshman. Would love to know why? Sophomores, Buzz much “buzz” early as a 2nd but Bott barely playing him and has shuffled him around all year with no playing time. Started once for Colt last year and yanked after 2 plays for Cody. Walker plays yesterday at middle for the first time giving up speed and size with much lineman trouble all day. Where do you go from here? Hope a Freshman steps up? Sophomores grow tremendously during spring? This is just one area of mismanagement of the team. D-line has depth and appears gets much better rotation. Just see lack of leadership and Coen’s comment about Colt playing late with game in hand was all year occurrence and BS. Coaches could have avoided situation and injury. Why not have Kaufman, Buzz, or Walker playing??? All of them there and capable. So was it Bott’s decision or head coach?