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Rebounders sat for the entire game

I respect you opinion. Who are the rebounders you are referring to? Eripret?
Martins was supposed to be that person. McCloskey was our leading rebounder but she is lost for the season. Grundhoffer is really pretty good but she played a lot of minutes.

I’m still getting a handle on the women’s game. Women rarely leave their feet for whatever reason. Even Lexi didn’t really jump. Many of these girls got rebounds in HS simply because they were the tallest girl on the court. It seems to be mostly instincts which Lexi excelled at and I’m not sure you can teach that.
Assists to TOs are a nemesis but even when we were really good, that ratio was terrible. Very few women’s teams have an assist to TO ratio >1.1 to 1 (about 50 of 344)