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[quote quote=29930]Night football.

I’d attend out of curiosity… but really, I believe that there are other improvements that would make the home experience better and more in keeping with the 21st century.

– Modernize the field house in the north end zone.

– Install the best scoreboard/message board in the Patriot League.

– Improve the press box. I am told that it’s too small and somewhat outdated

– Do something about the sound system, it is poor.

Night games for what? To learn the hard way that today’s student who has trouble making their way to the stadium (or into it) during the daytime will suddenly become rabid attendees? An unintended consequence might be that you’ll lose older fans with night games, not draw students and suffer a net loss of attendance. I say make the daytime experience more exciting and more in keeping with a standard that even (choke, gasp) Laffyette has adapted to.

Besides, night games after mid-October become a matter of weather consideration.

I refuse to believe that this University cannot raise the funds for at least a modest series of Goodman improvements.


But this will be ignored, as it has been for years.