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[quote quote=29951]Just wondering…has it been confirmed that lighting was even a factor in not getting a home game in the playoffs?

The NCAA puts out a list of requirements but I don’t remember lighting being one of them but then again I plead dementia.[/quote]

The criteria for choosing hosts in the FCS playoffs has been shopped as a straightforward process, but when you look at the rules, there is lots of fudge room.

When determining host institutions for playoff games when both teams are unseeded, criteria shall apply as follows: (1) quality of facility, (2) revenue potential plus estimated net receipts, (3) attendance history and potential, (4) team’s performance (i.e., conference place finish, head-to-head results and number of Division I opponents), and (5) student-athlete well-being (e.g., travel and missed class time).

What we do know is, UNH was stacked vs. Lehigh in these five head-to-head categories. Ignore the fact that for (2) and (3), UNH outperformed Lehigh this year, (4) Lehigh outperformed UNH, and (5) was pretty much a wash. Let’s assume for the sake of argument that for criteria (2) through (5), UNH and Lehigh were even. Let’s focus on (1).

Also in the rulebook:

First, second and quarterfinal-round games broadcast on ESPN3 may start no earlier than 1 p.m. local time. Preferred game times will be taken into strong consideration; however, finalized game times will ultimately be determined by ESPN in consultation with the NCAA.”

ESPN has dictated this new “rule” (why? I have no earthly idea.) Suddenly, “quality of facility” comes into play. A December playoff game starting at 1pm at Goodman without lights in best case scenario ends at 4pm, which is about the time the sun comes down. Now Lehigh can ask to host, and ask for a noon kickoff for their game. But if you’re a committee member choosing between battling to make a special exception for Lehigh to kick off at noon vs. shipping Lehigh off to New Hampshire, which has lights, so that it conforms with ESPN’s broadcast whims to broadcast at 2PM, which would you choose?

For my part, I am not 100% convinced that Lehigh needs permanent lights at Goodman. But to me, if Lehigh wants to host one (or more) FCS playoff games at Goodman, there at least needs to be a plan on how it could be done budget-wise and safety-wise. This would be true even if Lehigh were the No. 1 seed overall.

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