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I was at the game (and sat right behind Justin Lafleur – I saw some of you “liking” Justin’s in-game tweets). Lehigh was terrible with turnovers in the 1st half when MSM started using a defensive press, but they cleared things up in the 2nd half when they had that pivotal 17-0 run to increase their lead from 49-44 to 66-44 due to cold Mount St. Mary’s shooting and good defensive rebounding by the Mountain Hawks (not many second chance opportunities for the Mountaineers until Lehigh had the game in control). Obviously Tim Kempton was a beast – 31 points and 18 rebounds.

I think Lehigh needs to pay me to attend their games, or at least road games; they are now 2-5 in road games but 2-0 when I’m in attendance. They didn’t play nearly as well as they did against Mississippi State but it was plenty good enough. Hopefully they can get on a winning streak as they play more home games and start playing Patriot League opponents.