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[quote quote=30397]Obviously agree about the stadium, especially lights. But about girls softball, probably the most successful of our Patriot League programs, Why no lights and only 200 seats for the new stadium (same for Baseball)? Could not be talking that much money.
Baseball and softball fields are among the best in PL. Seating ? Well kinda agree, altho based on attendance at softball seating is more than enuf. Both facilities are easily expandable if the need arises. Agree on lights tho. And that may boost attendance.
Goodman does need upgrades beyond a reno job on press box. My hope is for a modern scoreboard first. Perhaps soccer rental could help fund that.
Lights would be nice. Do get the ROI logic tho that they would only be used a few times a year at best. Still think they are a goid idea even if not ideally fiscal :). The main objection from the Admin is the cost of lighting access and parking for nite games. Permanent lighting would be very costly. Temporary spots however are not expensive. The entire area could be lit for approx $50,000.
The Admin controls all construction projects. Given the vurrent plan to add a new college and a 1000 undergrads not likely LU will fund much for Athletics. An Alum with deep pockets needs to step forward.:)