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Think my point got taken in different directions. I was trying to say that I am not just fighting for football. With gender equity nowadays it is important to pump some money where it would be most beneficial. Although I am a big fastpitch fan, I do like the girls facility. I think the biggest revenue maker like most colleges is football and basketball. All other sports across 98 percent of colleges cost Universities money. Lets place some money in football. If we get one big game per year it could fund a lot of the athletic budget. College sports is all about money!!! I truly feel that Lehigh is a stepping stone for coaches. Nobody’s destination coaching is Lehigh. Great school and great campus but lets get real. Better gear and nicer stuff projects well to other kids. Folmar obviously got paid more to make a lateral move. Kids do pick schools of how well they are treated during visits and stuff the other kids tell them the team supplies. Maybe that is the wrong kid for Lehigh but it is what kids are migrating too nowadays. I think Brisson is going to do great for Lehigh because he is approachable and he sticks to his style. Very hard to do nowadays with todays athlete. If you piss these kids off they leave. Brisson doesn’t care and I do not think the offense will miss a beat. I do think there will be some great battles on offense for slot,tight end, one oline job and qb. Coaches have a tendency to play kids they recruit. Don’t know who Brisson brought in compared to Folmar but just having open jobs is what Lehigh needs. Better STUFF will bring in some of the street kids we need. We are soft!!!Coaches should not treat kids equally. Great coaches reward the hard workers and the kids that are continuing to work at there game and fade out the slackers. THIS IS D1 FOOTBALL. NO GIMMES. EARN IT EVERYDAY AND IF YOU ARE NOT WILLING,GET OUT!!!