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Up 31-27 with KB on the court. Good mix of upperclassmen and freshmen (2 max). Back to 3 freshmen together, 14-0 run by AU, game over. Not questioning the talent of the kids but how they are being used. We’ve been out-coached again. No inbound play works. Half-court D was good. Other D schemes suck.
HH: 2pts, 4 assists, 3 TO in 32 minutes ?? Seriously Sue?
KB: 3 assists. 1 TO and 1 3 pointer in 8 minutes…
18 TO: 12 for the Freshmen
6’2″ Crisler had 18pts vs kids who cannot guard her. Too strong… We have a 6’2 and a 6’3″ rotting on the bench.
Post game: “When we play well on both ends of the floor, we can be really good” Hmmm… that’s deep.
“I think they have a lot of confidence that they can compete with anyone in the league.” Who? Your freshmen?
The inmates are running the asylum and Kelyann Conway is spinning the post games interviews.
Overall, more discipline and better decision making but still an awful coaching and rotations. But that’s just me….