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[quote quote=30728]Don’t get me wrong, i’m with you all on our poor play in attacking the zone, but had we made our normal (40%) amount of our 3’s, the game might have had a different ending…losing by 1 and not by 16. That is, hitting 10 of 25 and not 5 of 25. You might also be interested in knowing that the only other time this year that we shot more 3s than 2s, we also lost. That one was to Stony Brook. You live and die with the long ball, they say. And, when that’s your first, or as it appears in Lehigh’s case, it’s only option in attacking the zone – good luck!

Disappointed for sure, but bleed brown and white.

not gonna shoot normal % when the 3’s are forced, very few of those shots tonight were open looks