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Basketball at Grace Hall. Remember, the court has shifted 90 degrees from the old court. The seats would be the upper deck seats, maybe 700. However the site lines mean it would be difficult to see the action (other than the ball hitting the backboard or going into the basket) So the only good spectator areas would be standing in the upper sideline areas. Maybe the court could be moved sideways, closer to Taylor avenue, so that some of the expensive wrestling seats could be used.

This does bring up something that has piqued my recent curiosity. I assume the old Grace BB court was 84 ft (by 50) with 3 ft protection past the endlines. 90 ft. But there is no way that it is 90 ft from the glass wall near Taylor Avenue to the wall at the other end (separating the back seats of the luxury seats from the luxury seats snack area. I sea that distance as being 52 ft of mat. 5-6 ft for the scorers/press table (and their seats) and 10 rows of expensive seats, 25 feet at the most. 83 feet at the most. I assume four pillars are structural. So was the old basketball court even shorter than 84 ft, as short as 76?