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Tough second half to watch.

Few takeaways after long drive home:

1) You need to win Regular Season and get the Final on your home floor. Their crowd, and ours, too, were tremendous.

2) TK is a great player. But, we were too reliant on him in this game. Nobody else was aggressive or stepped up. Bucknell played good on the ball defense and we wilted.

3) Big thing for me was Bucknell moving Thomas into the post in the second half. He murdered us in the post up game, as he was being guarded by AP and BA, who both gave up a lot of size. Reed should have gone to Holba there.

4) AP and especially TK. Great careers. I wished they could have danced. Our big choke was last year on our home floor. This year, too few horses, and the ones we had were gassed. Can’t win at any level with only 16 bench minutes and 3 points.