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Tc consider
A) yes
B) yes
C) not really. Bucknell is a better team this year and last night’s game exposed Lehigh’s weaknesses.
D) Impossible to say. Lafayette has done almost nothing for about 15 years.
E) True.
F) “thanks for playing”? Right. Why not say something that means something instead of using that hackneyed term.
Reed isn’t going anywhere unless he wants to but nobody should confer “coach for life status” on him. Look at what that did for Lafayette.
Last year’s title loss was the real disaster.
LU gave up a lot of easy offensive rebounds and didn’t play defense for long periods of time.
Over all, consider the history of Lehigh basketball. The Reed era is the high point or at least among the high points.
It was tough to watch at times last night but Bucknell has depth and Lehigh doesn’t.
At times the effort maybe was lacking.

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