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Very very concerning we have no big men coming in. Two major injuries for sedore. Can’t see him even being a option. Jack? Nobody knows. Very concerning to me I noticed he was in a boot when up at Boston a week ago. Didn’t his injury happen before the season. Update was to come and never heard anything after. What is the injury ? Foot? Ok. What did he do to it. So we are ski banking on a kid who hasn’t played a minute and still obviously hurt. Not good. I don’t care how many guards we have. Need bigs. And bigs who can actually play. As for pat. Showed very few games what he can do. It’s either his three is on. Or he is awful. I didn’t see much defense or hustle out of him. Stands behind the three point line and don’t move. He needs to work on becoming a better all around player. Again. Just a freshman. But my take so far is he is a shooter and that’s it. Future isn’t looking as bright as everyone thinks with no big men here.

What’s lance going to be a senior ? Is he any good.