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The defense dominated the offense for 3/4s of the scrimmage. Only when the defense put in a lot of twos the offense moved. The only time the offense connected was about at 5-6 seconds from the snap. Sorry, that ain’t going to work on game day. Rbs looked okay. Qb looked non-urgent and uninspired. Very slow. I’m not going to get worked up over a scrimmage but the offense has a lot of work ahead. I thought the defense played well and actually better than what I thought. If 5-6 seconds were not allowed I feel the defense would have completely shut down the offense. I do not see brad staying on campus for the summer as a good thing…if thats true!!!either he’s in trouble academically and the team is masking it…or the team needs a lot of work on offense. Players paying there own ticket throughout the summer Im sure is not what the parents want to do…it might be a necessity. I have one eyebrow up??? I liked Bevins on offense. he gets open. i think our secondary will be strong and our d-line will be good. noticed a couple of kids not dressed like a big o-lineman and a qb…also one on defense.