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Go Lehigh TU Owl
Go Lehigh TU Owl

[quote quote=31212]Definitely a tough act for Brad to follow Shaf. UNH debacle not a fair representation for either of them. Both had a bad case of the flu.
Think you are selling Mayes short. He has shown poise and a tremendous amount of talent. His body of work is exceptional.


That is true that he wasn’t feeling well against UNH. My point is the next time he takes the field it will be against a Top 20 team, again. He’ll have to be at the top of the game from the start. Teams will also be able to game plan exclusively for him. He was tremendous against Yale, Holy Cross and Georgetown. But those teams aren’t in the same league as ‘Nova right now. Arm talent alone isn’t going to cut it. ‘Nova has the potential to test his patience. The one thing working for Mayes is the tremendous talent around him.

My fear is Lehigh gets too pass happy with Mayes and he goes into gunslinger mode. They need to maintain balance.