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And by the way, LSU lost to Mississippi State last year, at home, by 17. LSU is a jump up from Lehigh because of the league, but not as much as you might think. Bottom line is, we lost a nice player and an excellent student due to unusual circumstances and NCAA rules.


LSU was an awful team last year, going 2-16 in the SEC. Two losses to Mississippi State among others. As that season was progressing, it appeared there was hope for the future since they had no seniors. But then: (a) their best player opted for the NBA draft; (b) their second best player was booted from the team for constant disciplinary issues; and (c) a promising freshman opted to transfer. That’s what freed up roster space for Alston. They may be somewhat better this year, but still will be near the SEC cellar.

Btw, LSU fired their coach at year-end and hired Will Wade away from VCU. Wade opted to take the money (maybe $2 Million a year for six years), a huge raise from what he was making at VCU – but he has gone from a great job to a very tough one.

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