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I followed Hannah in HS and although she played against low level competition, you could tell she was the real deal. She runs like the wind. Since she was an excellent student I had hopes for Lehigh but before I could ask Fran, she committed to Pitt I believe in her sophomore year.
It is quite a transition from Catty to the ACC but Hannah to well starting 38 of the 43 games she played in hitting .274 with 3 triples. I think she is a classic lead off hitter. She stole 11 of 15 bases in her freshman year. She would be a huge asset to Lehigh and a dynamo in the PL.
I don’t know where Fran is with roster spots and scholarship money. Hannah was valedictorian of her class, I believe, so academic aid may be out there.
This would be a huge get for Lehigh if true.