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Holy Cross has done an excellent job of scheduling a mix of local FBS games and solid (and local) FCS opponents.

Lehigh’s schedule has become predictably boring. I like having VU and UNH on the schedules, but outside of our 1 annual CAA opponent, the schedule is stale.

I’m not desperate for FBS games, but one every couple of years would be fine. More interesting would be a better rotation of 2 CAA schools per year, including Delaware, W&M, and Richmond. I’d also like to see us take on a Wofford or Furman from the SoCon.

I don’t mind an NEC game each year, but I’m over the staple of Princeton, Penn and Yale each year. Two Ivies is plenty. Replace one with any of the above annually and it keeps it both interesting and gets the program exposure come playoff selection time.

Our PL brethren, in general (sans G’Town), have all done a very good job of getting good games and keeping it interesting. Lafayette has had W&M, Delaware, VU and Army, while Colgate has gone cross-country to Cal Poly, AF and down south to Furman. Fordham has booked UConn, Army, Eastern Washington and Navy.

Joe and Andy – are you guys paying attention? Attendance is down for many reasons, but boring schedules are part of the problem and that’s one you guys can control. Since I’m asking for improvements, please, please, please, get some lights!! Day games are difficult to get to sometimes and tailgating early for a 12:00pm/12:30pm start is also not easy. Make it easy on us – please! :)