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Any defenders of the defense out there? Can there have been a bigger embarrassment?

The game’s not even over and the LU D has given up more yards rushing than Monmouth has ever had in a game. Sure, they have a veteran line, but LU has a veteran defensive coaching staff that has had several years to recruit and train a defensive unit that doesn’t give up 500+ YPG.

Is Lehigh’s defense really worse than Lafayette’s?

The O left points on the board in the first half. I don’t know what to think of the (nonexistent) running game (it was just pass, pass, pass — even early); I just hope Brags isn’t hurt.

You can’t predictably pass every play and expect to win.

Early in the game, after seeing LC emerge (awful he got hurt), I was convinced the O has the best personnel (and depth) of any LU team I’ve ever seen. To be 0-2 with such an offense is a waste.

The only consolation is this was an out of conference game. If this doesn’t convince the kids to man up, I don’t know what will.

As for the D, it’s time to clean house. A little improvement the rest of the year won’t cut it.

Is Monmouth really that good? Or did we underperform that much?

46-27: blowout.