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What the )&^%! %$^&*(! Plus I’m%^&%($$()-off as well as T^&%^&*-up. This is a Total Embarrassment to the Program. I saw no fire on the sideline–except for Marino yelling at the OL. Let’s have a seance and talk this out. HC is off in his own world looking at the scoreboard with his headset on but the microphone was up most the time, so no discussion. What is going on down there. Defense is out of position most of the time, and cannot tackle from being out of position. Lots of grabbing. How many times a Penn receiver/runner at the sideline with LU players there and goes free. No one hits him! UFR!. We have not had ONE interception yet this year. Gilmore or Coach K would have been ripping “new ones”. I don’t get the sense that this “the way” any more. This is (^)^*(& TACKLE FOOTBALL!! It looks like flag football. The next two weeks are the season. We play a bad Wagner team who should get beat up this week at Western Michigan. Then we go to Colgate. Win and the PL title is there. Lose, and it’s gone and if that happens start playing for next year with clean shirts. I also question how much of our staff is ‘up to it’. Almost all with D-III pedigrees. It is a different mindset (or it’s supposed to be) at the FCS level. Tons of Questions. I can’t stand it.