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[quote quote=32187]The defense is in the bottom 5 in all of FCS (Yes it’s FCS, not FBS).[/quote]

Actually, the defense (553 ypg) is ranked 122 of 123 FCS teams. Good news is Mississippi Valley State’s (602 ypg) is even worse.

Our rushing defense (A STAGGERING 310 ypg) is third worst in the nation. Only MVS and Bethune Cookman are worse.

How bad is giving up 310 ypg on the ground? Thirty-four FCS teams do not average 310 ypg of TOTAL OFFENSE.

So much for the high-powered FCS offenses Objective Observer cites.

Defenses win championships. So far this year, for example, North Dakota State has given up only 103 yards per game — rushing and passing! Illinois State has given up only 156.

(I remember years when Higgins/Lembo teams flirted with giving up 100 ypg rushing. Pass D wasn’t great, but …)

Objective Observer can be as emotional as he wants about LU’s turnovers. (BTW: This is a team game; it’s not all on Mayes or on any one member of the D, either).

Facts are facts and numbers don’t lie: The best offense in the world won’t win many games when the D gives up 553 yards per game.

Good news is Wagner gains an average of only 263 total yards per game (we give up 310 just rushing), just behind Colgate and Georgetown for 105 of 123 teams). Lafayette and Bucknell also sit in the bottom 20 in offense.

Can’t wait to see LU try to stop Holy Cross and Fordham offenses. I guess if they play well for two games they maybe can win the PL.