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I read this Forum as a joke because of the postings from the lack of knowledge “Never was” posters ” who can evaluate all aspects of the game. As a former lineman and linebacker Coach & Official I can tell you unless you know the play call, defense, all players reactions you can;t tell if there was a mistake , whose it was,and what ever. I don’t don”t think I should be the all seeing pontificator, but a few observations’
Do you know the receivers route,did he run it, was it a spot pass, did some player or official get in the way, did the QB get a 3 count to release the ball. I speak from the experience as a former D-1 Official who predicted Marino would never make it, but Blackledge would.
This kid Mayes is one of the best. He has a quick release and foe the edification of some he reads all his receivers and will go through them with the time provided. He is a passer Schaf was a runner big difference. Also who had more picks?
This kid Mayes is someone his Dad can be proud of and it is a shame his whole post was taken down. I would love to meet him since I followed his son after he commited. Best QB in Blue-Gray Game. Would have started as a Freshman if not for commitment to Schaf.
Make certain prospects read all this garbage so they can decide to go elsewhere.
As far as Coen .
As Duffy Doughty famed Coach said ,” Do you know what is like to have a 19 year old run on the field with your check in his hand”. You never know what they will do.
I have now made my comments and will recede into silence.