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Needed time to calm down. What a disgrace. Sut has been in charge of the D for past 3yrs, ask any player. Bott is not calling anything. These are ALL Suts handpicked Dbs back there that cant make a tackle. when he gave O’neil the starting safety job first day of practice, he lost respect from alot of players. Now LU makes him DC and this is what you get when the players dont respect you. The D is worse than it was before Sut showed up. He needs to go. We have talent on D, they play “their guys” instead of kids that are better and hungrier. No accountability for missed tackles and assignments, just keep giving same kids opportunities. 90,2,7 and 5(at safety only) are only kids that even look like they care. Hopefully 9 and 6 have played themselves out of a position. I did see some changes 2nd half in secondary, i guess it takes your job being in jeopardy to play the kids that can save your job. Brags needs help in backfield, 22 and 33 are not it, no vision at all.