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MLK and QBDad have added a great deal to this conversation, including offering a huge reality check for us fan-posters.

Both sides of the ball take 11 players executing their individual jobs properly to succeed. This is the ultimate team sport.

I’ve watched LU football for almost 50 years. Brad compares very favorably in many parts of his game to LU greats such as McQuilken, Rieker and Stambaugh. They all did things a little differently. Like Stambaugh, Brad was an incredibly quick study.

I think I said this last year, but LU’s offense may be as good as it ever has been. You can’t help but want to watch it play every week.

But it’s saddled with what has consistently been one of the worst defenses LU has ever had, which transcends numerous classes of players and graduates. Seems like a coaching issue to me.