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I was there for this debacle. We keep finding ways to lose ball games. So many mistakes for a team of such high expectations. Yes, the D did improve from the prior two weeks, but it is still in dire need of aggressive tacklers. Some of our LB’s are undersized and get caught up in the OL, not being able to elude or get off blocks. The RB’s have huge lanes at time. The D did step up and get some third down holds, only to see the O fall on its face. We are pretty predictable on O. I don’t see any creativity. Mayes under a lot of pressure tonight which was significant in some of the INTs. Losing Casey hurt and no one other than Pelletier and Portorreal seemed able to get open. The run game improved some. But I could see the Wagner secondary anticipating where were were going at times.
Ironically, the Patriot League is looking like a dumpster fire, and this team is quite capable of winning the league after scanning the wreckage. I suspect the wind we experienced tonight was what helped Lafayette hold Pujals to 190 yards passing today, as the wind was coming out of the north. Lafayette also the last team to lose all OOC games and then win 6 straight to win championship. Can’t recall how long it’s been since Lehigh lost six games in a row..going back to New Hampshire. It must be decades. Colgate the only team to win OOC today over lowly Cornell, so they will feel good about themselves this coming week. Coen is going to have one heck of a job on his hands getting this team’s heads up. As already said, no one saw this coming. It’s one thing to know you are rebuilding have take your lumps, but totally another to be the “Champion in waiting” and be taken to the woodshed week after week. The number of mistakes is the most troubling for a team with a decent amount of experience. To me, it reflects a lack of focus and intensity that is need ON EACH PLAY. We are not that good to take plays off. We might have to go back to the Small years to find a stretch of such bad football. Something needs to be done to get someone’s attention if this continues next week in Hamilton. Thank you. This has been good for me after getting home from Staten Island. Now I can get some sleep….