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The defense played much better this week and with more energy. They caused a number of three and outs and punts. One TD by Hoyas was due to 70 yd KO return set up, the bomb was ‘one of those things’ that happens at times. and the last TD was in garbage time against #3’s. Holding their run game to under 100 was good, considering most was QB scrambles. Give some credit to Georgetown receivers making some excellent catches with our DBs on them. Their QB only a freshman could be a force in the future if they can surround him with quality. Doubt Mish will do KO’s. Nice he can punt and do FGs again. Austin needs to keep doing the line drive bouncers. That can give receivers trouble. His ‘normal’ ko’s are not deep enough and give returners a head of steam. The line drive/squibs can have better effect.