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Can we agree that this mess starts with the D?

I mean, if a team can score five TDs like LU usually does, that team should not be 2 – 6.

Because everyone knows that the defense is, well, defenseless, everyone is trying to hit a five run home run every time the O has the ball. Imagine the pressure to be “perfect” and the sense that you need to probably score fifty to have a chance to win.

Only a matter of time before mistake happen. The TOs were killer, but again, how many times have we seen a scenario where the defense :holds” a team to 3rd and 15 from say midfield, then gives up not only a first down, but a TD?

Even though I want a 12th championship and even IF this team wins out, do any of you want this team to represent the league in the playoffs?

Lafayette’s defense (within the league) has been stellar, due in part to poaching a proven DC (from Georgetown). We cannot go into next season with these defensive coaches.