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Well, I guess we’ll finish 4th. The verdict is in! PL Coaches, KenPom, and SI all seem to agree. The trio also think that Bucky will run away and hide from the others with its closest competitor being either Boston U (98 pegs below Bucky in the eyes of SI) or Navy (78 steps down the ladder from Bucky per Mr. Pomeroy). Both KenPom and SI are in full agreement that the final three slots belong to: HC, AU, and LC.

From reading a number of earlier posts, it seems the number 4 is a popular choice in gauging the number of wins we might achieve during the pre-season. It makes perfect sense, barring an upset we should get by Marist, MSM, Siena and SF/PA. If you believe the preseason pollsters, our next best chance would be to surprise Monmouth or Pitt – both a true stretch. While our friends out in Lewisburg can claim to having more, it nice to see that Coach Reed and Company have managed to book four Top 100 opponents. Each will be a true test and an eye-opener for our young team. They are, of course: UVA (9), USC (12), Yale (84) and Princeton (88).

Like everyone else who has taken the time to post, I’m not expecting much in terms of W’s this year but can’t wait to see if just one – or hell maybe even two – of our of F/C’s (some we know only by their fashionable blue blazers and suit coats) can develop into a stud performer (not just serviceable) by the time we open League play. That dream, when combined with our seasoned and acknowledged superior guard play, can make for an interesting winter of ball come January and maybe even a threat come March.

Look forward to seeing you all at the Opener!