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[quote quote=32738]This game really scares me. I was there four years ago when BB went down and BU really handed it to us.

Bucknell outgained LU last year 382-357 in a narrow win for LU at home. Bucknell’s D is improved, tops in the PL, and LU got only 20 points last year.

Throw in all the injuries, and Bucknell RBs could run wild yet again against LU.

Game will come down to turnovers and the kicking game. While we may have an advantage with our FG kicker and punter, we’ve had a rough run on KO’s.

My sad pick … 27-24 Bucknell, which gets 400+ yards of offense. Hope I’m wrong.[/quote]

I realize LU has a lot of injuries. But don’t forget that Buckell does also. Among the players out are 3/4 of their starting DL plus their All-PL RB plus two of their preseason starting OL . Also weak on FG’s with their starter having missed the whole year. I expect Lehigh to win by double digits, but I hope I am wrong.

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