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Where’s this game going?

Some key numbers:

Rushing D:
Holy Cross: 25th best in nation (119 ypg) vs. LU O rush (54th best, 159 ypg, led by Brags, who is in top 10, with 999 yards)

Lehigh: 119th best in nation (250 ypg) vs. Holy Cross O rush (64th, 146 ypg) — for comparison sake, Wagner is 59th.

Passing D:
Holy Cross and Lehigh each give up 249 per game.

Can HC stop Brags? Depends on how LU passing game fares on weather and vice versa. I have more confidence in LU O than Fordham O.

Can LU stop HC run: Doubtful. Total Fordham D is better than Lehigh D by about 46 ypg. (Lehigh now 120 of 123 in nation in defense ypg.) Question is, how many points will LU give up?

Who will make biggest mistakes?

Whose special teams will make a difference?

Should be great game.

One or two HC backs will get over 100 yards rushing.

Last week I think I predicted Bucknell (and was as far off as I’ve been all season).

This week:

LU: 31. HC 34 on two longish runs.

Hope I’m wrong.