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Good job on The Rivalry by Decades, LFNADMIN.

I’m not predicting 78-0.

But …

Would anyone like to suggest the odds of Lafayette winning?

Anyone think they will?

I tend to doubt it, but stranger things have happened in this series.

I’ll never forget the 2013 game, when LC pulled off what I thought was a devastating upset (even with our QB situation) to win the league title.

Then the ‘Pards gathered and stomped on the turf at Goodman Stadium’s midfield.

I’d show that video to this team.

I’ve seen bad LU games before, but I left that game with a big knot in my stomach. It was one thing to get smoked in Yankee Stadium; another in Goodman Stadium for the title.

Never forget.

Play disciplined, smart and as one unit — one play at a time.